Classical Persian dance is sublime beauty in motion. It is elegant and graceful. It is also fluid and rhythmic at the same time. Emphasis is placed mainly on the torso, arms and hands along with facial expression. While it does incorporate some hip movement, it is subtle. Small and quick steps are used to travel giving this dance a floating, ethereal quality. In this workshop, Gülten will teach some beautiful classical Persian technique which will then be used in a choreography to an exciting orchestral composition. The choreography music is just over 3 minutes and oscillates, giving dancers the opportunity to move both slowly and quickly. Insight will also be given into costuming and musical instruments that are used in this genre of dance. Some moves used in classical Persian are also found in oriental and other styles of belly dance. Attendees will be able to make connections with the shared moves whilst also learning completely new technique.

Level - Intermediate to advanced

Gülten - Classical Persian Technique & Choreography