Phynia is an award winning Bellydancer and Drama teacher from Fremantle, WA, Australia. Her personal style embodies a mixture of both classical and contemporary Belly dance, through her unique use of dynamic movement and musical nuances, juxtaposed with gracefulness and fluidity. Her sense of rhythm and theatrics is evident through her love of drum solos, rock and roll music and highly intricate Greek and Turkish compositions. When Phynia performs, she becomes the dance and her passion for performance radiates through to the audience. Phynia's website


When in doubt, shimmy it out-  shimmies, drills and combos for improvisation. This workshop will focus on different shimmies, drills and combinations to help with spontaneous improvisation. Phynia will share tips and tricks she uses dancing when dancing to a range of music from drum solos to Mexican metal mariachi. ALL LEVELS

Laban’s Eight Efforts.
Through the lens of the Drama student, expand your understanding how we use movement in this practical workshop based on the work of Rudolf Laban. Open to all levels, this workshop is designed to provide performers with a method and language for describing and breaking down movement. Whether you wish to develop your characterisation in dance, or find new ways of moving through the space, the Eight Efforts will help expand your bellydancer toolkit! ALL LEVELS