Keke is from Greek-Egyptian heritage and has been involved in Oriental Dance for over 20 years. Prior to that she learnt Classical Piano & Music Theory for 10 years, Ballet, Flamenco and Greek folk dance. After 7 years of learning Bellydance in Adelaide and performing as part of a troupe she moved to Japan (for 8 years) where she had access to and studied with a range of international master teachers. Her dance career flourished as she taught lessons full time, workshops and performed in numerous stage productions and private functions all over Japan and also travelled to Cairo annually for training, experience and conducted student dance tours. 
She has performed in ( Seoul ) South Korea and Cairo – Nile Group Festival. She Produced and Choreographed for her semi-professional and professional dance troupe in Japan. She Produced, Co-produced and was Creative Director in many of her shows, sponsoring famous international guest performers. 
She taught a teachers course of which some of her students are currently teaching. 
Keke now continues her journey in Adelaide by teaching her own syllabus and offering classes as “Keke Oriental Dance”. She also has a performance troupe called “Keke Oriental Dance Troupe”. Keke's website


How to choreograph, how to start? how to develop? - Seminar/ Dance Workshop
We will explore various interesting techniques which will help you to start and develop a meaningful Oriental choreography which is unique to you. Handouts and practical exercises to be undertaken individually and in small groups that will definitely get your creative juices going. This workshop will make you realise that the possibilities are exciting and endless.
Note: the content of this WS can be applied to both fusion, tribal and Classical Raqs Sharqi style ALL LEVELS