Amanda Lissant-Clayton

A professional Makeup Artist for over 6 years in the film, photographic and bridal industries has given Amanda a wide range of knowledge and experience in many different environments and styles of makeup. 
As well as TV commercials screened nationally and internationally, her photographic and editorial work has been published around the world.
Amanda has also been dancing and performing for over 10 years. Beginning her performance career with Red Belly Black in Melbourne, she later joined Bodhaia Tribal while living in England. 

She is a founding member of Melbourne based troupes Antaresia Tribal and Semra and regularly performs at local and interstate events doing mainly Tribal Fusion and some ATS. 
Her years of performance experience on many different stages and in different environments have given her a unique insight into how dancers can use makeup for the best effects - not just on a stage with strong lighting but also in clubs, restaurants, and outdoor environments. 
Amanda is renowned in the Melbourne bellydance scene for her makeup artistry. More of her work can be viewed on her website.


Makeup Skills to set the Stage True stage makeup is done with a little more. More colour, more shading, bolder lines, larger than life and sometimes a little extra sparkle.
This is so that from a distance on stage, our features are still visible and the audience see your expressions and the emotion you are conveying while you perform.

Just like dance, there are many ways to approach your makeup, and countless techniques to learn. 
 Amanda is offering an introduction workshop, on makeup for performers, during the Adelaide belly dance festival that is essential knowledge for every dancer. Hone your existing makeup skills and learn new tips and techniques to bring your face and your performance to life. Bring your make up, some essential basics and don’t forget your face!
You’ll learn how to create the all important base of your makeup, from foundation, to adding dimension and colour back into the face. We’ll talk about different products you can use and what kind of tools you can use for your makeup application. 
As the window to the soul, the eyes can truly bring a dancer’s story to life. You’ll also learn an enchanting eye look and how different techniques give different effects, by learning how to use colours and textures to add drama as well as lustre and sparkle to catch the eyes and imagination of your audience. 
What to bring:

Your makeup bag! Don’t worry too much if you don’t have everything here, just bring along what you have. These are a few suggestions. 
• Any makeup brushes you have ** 
• Eye Primer 
• Matte nude (similar to your own skin tone) eyeshadow, or translucent setting powder, 
• A selection of eyeshadows - It is recommended to have at least one light, one dark, and one black as a minimum. • Eyeliner (Pencil, gel or liquid) 
• Mascara, 
• False lashes and Eyelash glue, 
• Eyebrow pencil, gel or shadow 
• Any glitters or embellishments you would like to use. 
• Foundation, (cream, or liquid is recommended) 
• Concealer * 
• Setting powder, 
• Blusher, 
• Contour / Highlight OR Light/Mid toned matte brown eyeshadow, a few shades darker than your skin tone * 
• Bronzer * 
• Shimmer highlighter OR light coloured shimmer or pearl eyeshadow *
• Lipstick 
• Some baby wipes or face wipes, 
• A mirror 
**Some brushes that are recommended are: Foundation brush OR stipple brush OR makeup application sponge, powder brush, blush brush, contour brush, lip brush, Shadow brush, blending brush, bullet/pencil brush, flat angle brush

*Recommended, but not essential.