Acushla is one of Adelaide’s longest running Tribal Belly Dance teachers and has developed an instruction and performance style uniquely her own. Her passion for belly dance and her desire for it to gain respect as a dance form, has led her to providing dance programs, teacher training courses, instructional DVD’s and intensive technical and creative workshops for many years. 
She founded Sacred Tribe Dance Studio, now known as Body Temple Dance in 2005 and has been teaching and performing throughout Adelaide and Australia ever since.
Although largely self-taught, her main teachers and influences are Shakti (Classical Indian dance), Carolena Nerricio (ATS) and Suhaila Salimpour (Middle Eastern dance movement). She has trained with many of the Tribal fusion greats, such as Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Illan Riviere and Elizabeth Strong, and continues to develop her style and love for this forever expanding art form. Acushla always includes her own Tribal fusion aesthetic, as well as many dance forms that have influenced her the most, a big one being contemporary dance.
With many years of disciplines of belly dance, she has also practiced body work systems such as Sufi Yoga, hatha yoga, pilates, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which she studied as a part of her Advanced diploma in Chinese medicine.
Currently Acushla teaches occasional workshops, classes and performs solo as well as collaborating with other local Adelaide belly dancers. Acushla's website


UnLOCK your inner Muse
How do you become your own source of inspiration? Learn fun and creative techniques to ignite the dancer within! Create your own unpredictable and powerful isolation patterns using locks and serpentine movement, with simple foot placements to utilise the space around you. We will also cover the four keys to precise muscular work and how to frame your isolation creations with strong body lines and arm poses to accentuate your movement. These principles will be integrated into some new combinations that are ready to be injected into your next choreography. A small portion of the time will be dedicated to sharing my favourite strengthening exercises that target specific muscle groups and are easy to do at home- Bring your note pad!
All levels and genres