Xaeda is a passionate performer who loves diversity of movement and expression.Her devotion to Classical, Contemporary and Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance has allowed her to travel the county to perform and teach at festivals and all kinds of events including Intertwine, Newcastle Bellydance Festival, WAMED, SydMedFest, Transcendence and so many more. One of her most cherished dance moments was being invited to perform with Helm during their Australian visit in 2016. Recently relocating to Brisbane from Coffs Harbour, Xaeda is looking forward to new and creative dance opportunities.


The definition of an “Arabesque” can take many forms. 
1. An artistic terminology for flowing lines. 2. a piece of music which is brief but upbeat. Or perhaps 3. A dance movement of grace and beauty that appears to define gravity, gliding effortlessly across the stage collecting yards of silken colour and captivating the soul. 
Xaeda will assist in developing your turns, travelling steps and creating fluid movements to enhance your arabesque. 
This is a combination workshop – towards the end you have the option of adding a flowing skirt and a veil if you wish to enhance the lesson. Please bring foot wear suitable for turning.

“Rapid Fire” Isolations and Combinations 
Short and sharp fusion combos that can be melded together to create something more. This rapid fire workshop will give you all the elements you need to control your isolations and get you moving seamlessly through the movements. 
From individual isolations to multi layered pops, locks and shimmies your mind and body will receive a workout. Perfect for fast fusion styles, drum solos or slow it down for something more sensual. INTERMEDIATE AND ABOVE

“A Class Act” Stage Production and Theatrical Tips - Seminar/ workshop
This semi lecture / semi workshop will teach the little things that can be over looked or forgotten when it comes to stage craft and presenting your skills or troupe in the best light. 
From adding emotion, themes, lighting tips, prop placement, colours, adding presence and connecting with your audience, all of these elements are just as important as the movements and music when taking the stage. 
By learning how to create a lasting memory and understand or including your audience you will be able to project your energy to the back of the room and enhance the performance experience. 
Whether dancing Cabaret, Classical, Folk or Fusion there is common thread once on the stage and a new world waiting to be explored. BEYOND BEGINNER AND ABOVE