Virginia is one of Australia’s most accomplished and respected Bellydance artists whose graceful and authentic style has lead to a successful and enduring career, performing and teaching nationally and internationally.
As principle of Aida Academy of Egyptian Dance , Virginia has dedicated her art to the preservation and elevation of Oriental and Folkloric Egyptian dance through high level classes, workshops and authentic performances. Virginia's website


Oriental Egyptian : Om Kaltoum 
Inspire your dance and senses with an elegant and detailed choreography to a powerful , textured rendition of an Om Kaltoum classic Tarab piece - emotion in motion! LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced

Virginia and Nasser - Drum Solo Collective
Learn a super sassy Egyptian drum solo laden with tons of attitude with Virginia accompanied by Nasser on tabla. It is our pleasure to invite eager participants to join us on stage! Optional performance of choreography at Saturday night's Shazaan! party event. LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced