Tia was born to create – and is on a lifelong journey of gathering skills in a multitude of media, including sewing and embroidery, knitting & crotchet, blacksmithing, wirework, chainmaille, beading, spinning yarn, felting, weaving and leatherwork. 
Tia's dancing history started as a small girl, and brought her as an adult to belly dance, joining Nayima’s Oriental belly dance academy as a student, becoming a troupe member, and finally a teacher. From Nayima she learned precision, persistence and performance integrity, which she has carried through her own choreographies and performances in recent years with and alongside Saffron Tribal Bellydance with Rebecca and Tricia. 
Tia's current dancing home is in her own hills-based troupe Cloudhouse Belly Dance, performing at local events and functions.


Decorated leather zills belt/pouch 
Join Tia to make a small decorative leather pouch you can wear on a belt to hold your zills during performance.
We’ll use leather as a base, and fabric and other items of your choice to decorate the pouch. 
Most tools, equipment and leather will be provided by Tia.
You will need to bring: 
1. Any pieces of decorative fabric such as banjara, shisha mirrors, metal dangles, amulets, stones, or anything else you’d like to use to decorate or as a feature. Keep in mind - often simple is more effective! 
2. Sharp snips or scissors for cutting heavy thread, 
3. Fabric scissors, 
4. The belt you wish to wear the pouch on, 
5. A quick sketch of how you envisage using your decoration 
6. Your zills 
*Please use this list to check off your items as you pack for the workshop.*
If time permits at the end of the workshop, there will be a short tribal choreography using your zills, and then putting them away in your new pouches! 
*Handcraft skill level recommended = Intermediate. This workshop will involve some hand strength and co-ordination, confidence with a needle, use of hand-tools to punch and cut leather, and possible use of glue. **You will need to provide the following information to the instructor: 
* experience level with hand-tools and needlework, 
* dimensions of your zills – the diameter, and the height of all four zills nested together. Stack them on the table and measure from the table surface to the top of the top zill. 
The leather provided will be a uniform dark burgundy in colour (please note: the dyeing technique used on this leather is unknown).