Nasser: Lebanese born master percussionist is a much loved icon in Melbourne’s Arabic and World music scene. Since migrating to Australia as a young boy with his beloved tabla in hand, he has never stopped performing. With a career spanning 40 years, his body of work includes events all over Australia and in orchestras throughout the Middle East and Asia playing for the likes of Tony Hanna, Sabah, Najwa Karam, Alaa Zanzali, Hanaa Al Safy, Kazem El Saher to name a few! Nasser’s drumming is precise, organic and never superfluous; as a teacher he imparts the authentic art of intuitive flow which is Arabic music. Proficient in sagat, doholla, katem, mazhar, Nasser teaches classes and workshops all over Australia .


Tabla Rhythms For Percussionists
Learn tabla rhythms from one of the best in the business! Explore widely used Middle Eastern rhythms and their variations that give light and shade to the heartbeat of the music. BYO tabla. LEVEL: Intermediate and beyond