Melusina is considered to be one of the best and most experienced Belly Dancers in Australia. Her performance experience is extensive and includes prestigious venues, events, functions, concerts, Hen’s Parties, Weddings, festivals, casinos, and expos around Australia and overseas. Melusina has also worked in film, television, and music videos and has featured in top dance magazines in Australia. Melusina is best known for her expressive Classical Egyptian technique, her innovative Tribal Fusion style and her expertise in scimitar sword dancing. She is proficient in the use of most props including zills (finger cymbals), veil, sword, cane and Isis Wings and can dance to both recorded music and live musicians. Melusina brings a high quality, delightful and enthralling performance to any event. She is an authentic, polished dancer with a love for traditional and modern music. She is a popular teacher combining clear technical instruction with a warm, fun energy. Melusina's website


AL HAGGALA : Mahmoud Reda's Famous Choreography
The Haggala is a dance from the Western Desert in Egypt. It is typically 
known for its 3/4 hip tilt walk that many dancers nowadays call the 
Egyptian Walk. In the 1960s dancer Farida Fahmy witnessed this gorgeous 
folkloric dance being performed and learnt the steps which she later 
showed to dance ethnologist Mahmoud Reda. Mahmoud included the Haggala 
steps in his dance troupe's repetoire and later created a theatrical 
Haggala choregraphy for the Reda Troupe. This lovely choreography has 
endeared many people over the years. In this workshop Melusina will 
teach an interpretation of Reda's charming choreography. ALL LEVELS

HAUNTED :  Ethereal Classical Fusion 
Infuse your dancing with eerie, wraith-like beauty. Add gliding steps, 
spiraling turns and delicate hip work to your repertoire to mesmerize 
your audience. Become a vision on stage with rippling undulations, the 
ghost of a smile and the soft whisper of chiffon skirts. This workshop 
is like a Victorian era gothic tale of apparitions and mysterious 
damsels. Learn technique and moves from Ballet, Orientale, and Tribal 
Fusion to create a dance of unearthly and enchanting qualities.  Float 
with demi-pointe work, hover with poise and balance, emote with 
intricate muscular control and fly across the stage with amazing turns 
and pivots. A short sequence will be taught that captures these haunting 
dance qualities. LEVEL: INTER/ADV - ALL GENRES