Liyana is a gifted dancer and instructor with more than 15 years experience teaching and performing Belly Dance around Australia.  She has an extensive dance background and a natural flair for teaching.  This engaging dancer has performed at various functions around Australia, as well as in Egypt, and she is celebrated by Egyptian and western audiences alike for her authentic style.  Liyana's passion has led her to study with many Master teachers of both classical and fusion belly dance including Aida Nour, Dandash, Khaled, Kazafy, Zeina, Nesrin, Tamlyn Dahlal, Hadia, Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, Amy Sigil, Kami Liddle, Illan, Mat Jacob and more..


GOLDEN ERA Bring some old style Hollywood glamour and elegance into your life with this cute Golden Era choreography by Liyana. The 1940’s and 50’s in Egypt, heralded as the Golden Era, is where Egypt meets Hollywood!  Silver screen icons Tahia Carioka, Naima Akef and Samia Gamal found international acclaim through the medium of Egyptian cinema.  Hollywood inspired costuming, and ballet-like posture & stylization, facilitated the ongoing evolution of this ancient dance into the form of raks sharki we know today. LEVEL Beyond Beginners/Intermediate and above