Performer, choreographer and instructor, Claire's home is Belly Dance Amethyst, Adelaide. Claire has enraptured audiences in Australia and overseas with her serene grace and imaginative interpretation of music and theme for over a decade. Each performance is a melting pot of her unique blend of inspiration, vision and aspirations. She has attended workshops with established dancers from around Australia and overseas. At ease dancing various styles of belly dance, just as she is to use a wide variety of props such as veil, cane, sword, Voi and fire, Claire will inspire you to try something new.
An advocate for individuality, self expression and self awareness; Claire's calm and inviting nature will encourage you to be yourself and to reach for your own goals, enabling each dancer to feel pride in their own achievements and to overcome fears Website


Introduction To Sword Dance
If you are new to Belly Dance, or have been dancing for sometime, and have been entranced by the strength, grace, "danger" and the power of dancing with a sword, now is the time to have a go! This workshop will introduce dancers to the art of Belly Dance with a sword; we shall discuss safety, posture, body conditioning, and things to consider when purchasing your first sword. We shall then move onto technique and introduce a selection of dance combinations to use a sword in a variety of ways (not just sticking it on your head).
A basic knowledge of fundamental is beneficial as the workshop will be focussed on the use of a sword as a prop. Level: Beginners to Intermediate
*Owning your own sword is not important! Practice wooden swords will be available for loan at the workshop. You can also preorder one of Claire's handmade wooden practice swords by contacting her directly: 0406103295*