Adelaide Belly Dance Festival

Ahlan Wa Sahlan….Welcome to the inaugural Adelaide Belly Dance Festival!

Four day event featuring...

  • 36 diverse workshops & seminars with 26 expert teachers catering for all levels and styles
  • Mystique dance art exhibition
  • Luna Lounge dance party with live music
  • Adelaide Belly Dance Expo shopping and non stop performances
  • Moonlight At The Oasis spectacular theatre show with some of Australia’s favourite dancers.

When: October 2nd-5th 2015 

Where: The Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga, South Australia

Celebrating Community & Culture

The Adelaide Belly Dance Festival will offer everyone an opportunity to participate in the celebratory dances of our global village, from Tribal to Tarab.

The theme is “Celebrating Community and Culture” and the main purpose of the festival is to foster a sense of togetherness between the local dance community and belly dancers Australia wide. 

The festival will offer a magical and memorable experience of East and West, past and present, traditional and fusion…

Photo Credit - Samra Teague


The Adelaide Belly Dance Festival will feature the celebratory dances of the village, the palace and the trade routes. 

This happy gathering will take place in the coastal suburb of Port NoarlungaThis beachside locality presents the perfect backdrop for the festival, offering participants the unique opportunity to enjoy a walk by the beach or relax with a glass of wine in one of the many quaint cafes on offer.

Port Noarlunga ForeshoreThe beautiful Port Noarlunga foreshore


The Adelaide Belly Dance festival will celebrate a diverse yet cohesive community and provide the perfect opportunity for local dancers and teachers to come together and exhibit their skills. Adelaide boasts a host of talented performers and teachers that have worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and expand their knowledge.

The festival will also provide opportunities for interstate belly dance teachers and dancers to meet and connect through this expression of creativity and cultural arts.


The Festival will present rituals and traditions of old, upheld and enriched by contemporary nuances and modern shades.

The arts are a faithful and accurate expression of culture and belly dancing is no exception. The Adelaide Belly Dance festival is a perfect representation of the power of dance to unite communities and cultures from all around the globe.